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Books Daddy About Us

www.BooksDaddy.in is a platform providing a complete solution for books – readers, writers and publishers. We also promote the books digitally and to create awareness about books and authors online.

To career-conscious youth and book-lovers, we have emerged as the ultimate platform to rely upon.

BookDaddy.in is managed by Books Daddy Private Limited, we are based in New Delhi’s upscale location Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, which is also a publishers paradise. We simply intend to enable people access quality books in the most convenient, easy and secure way. By making the best out of premium technology, we provide all types of books (competitive, study books for schools and colleges and fiction and non-fiction) at the most reasonable prices and by various authors in a hassle-free way.


To remove the barrier of geographical distance and economic condition for better career enhancement and books availability.


  • To remove the barrier between publishers and readers by easily providing needed books online and at affordable price.
  • To improve education quality through mock tests.
  • Anyone can take mock test online and can prepare for any exam from anywhere in the world at minimum price.
  • To provide PDF version of books which are very expensive otherwise. Students can access the valuable books in PDF version and can get their benefit.
  • To fill bookshelves in every Indian household with books of their preferred genre and author and to develop a taste towards quality reading gradually.
  • To provide books useful for building great academic skills (all grades) and shining careers around the world at the most reasonable prices possible. Even those from formidable economic background can afford quality books and study material and we therefore provide a path towards the academic excellence.

Clearly, on the back of sincere efforts and with authenticity ingrained into our intention as well as mission and vision, we have quickly nurtured a vast acclaim as the leading platform when anyone considers to buy book online world-wide.

Currently our warehouse is inundated with millions of books in every category and we invite users to browse their preferred literary work right here. To make things favourable, we have formed strong professional tie-ups with prominent publishers, suppliers and with writers who are more than willing to coordinate with us.

Besides, we have roped in people with great knowledge and experience who are books consultants here and can offer valuable advice if you are undecided about anything like this.

Lowest Price Books: We can guarantee you and now, powered by internet, you can verify prices anywhere online.

Secured Payment Online: We ensure full and extended security across the network when you consider making payment online. But then, cash on delivery and Demand Drafts are also accepted.

Always Find A Swelling Catalogue: We unleash a massive collection of books on every genre and from every leading publisher. Please re-search our books reserve and inspire the awe in you.

Following Stats Provide A Peep Into Our Activity:

  • Trusted by a large pool of buyers, the strength runs into thousands, who access our website every day in search of their preferred books.
  • Hundreds of books are shipped daily and this number swells too.
  • Head office in New Delhi but our warehouses are present in many other cities across the world.
  • Convenient and secure shopping experience is ensured

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